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Welcome to R88 Studio, a place with a lively ambiance that matches its vibrant location. Located in the heart of Vracar, the studio is within a walking distance of many city landmarks. The goal was to create a relaxed and inspiring environment using an open plan, lots of natural light, and a unique interior.

With the particular acoustical treatment of the live room and carefully chosen audio recording equipment, the studio is designed to respond to one of the most challenging tasks in music: recording acoustic solo instruments and ensembles. This is also one of the few recording studios in Serbia that owns acoustic piano.

To ensure excellent sound quality, the studio operates with a variety of high-end recording gear such as vintage ton of Neumann’s classics, some studio standards such as AKGs, and even esoteric mics such as Schoeps CMT series, made as a special edition in 1973. SSL preamps are there for ultra-clean SSL grade recordings but also UAD mic preamps with a unique tube/solid-state tone blending circuit. All of this is gathered around a 16 channel SSL super analogue summing mixer.

Using a custom approach, the team of R88 Studio cares about understanding your creative process and your music. With a wide range of music genres, this team has worked on over 300 projects, creating various multimedia projects, movie soundtracks, live concerts, classical CD releases, pop music production, internationally awarded animated films, and more. We’ve produced music for numerous record labels both locally and worldwide, such as Naxos, Electe, Grand Piano, and Hedone Records.”

Get your music ready for the world to hear it.

Record, edit, mix, and master it in R88 Studio.