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Bring your music to life with A-list musicians

R88 Studio has a network of highly talented and awarded musicians, with a major part of them playing in the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. Having years of experience in recording music for various artists, their abilities go beyond just classical music. Our musicians are able to adjust to any genre, from jazz and pop to classical and world music. No matter the style, their versatility always leads to a quality interpretation and recording. Naturally intuitive, our musicians are in tune with the composer’s intention and easily follow his cues.

Get world-class quality for local prices

No sample can beat the sound of a professional musician recorded live. R88 Studio continually arranges live recordings for brass, string, and woodwind sections. Whether you need a solo artist, an ensemble, or the whole orchestra, we can arrange it all in a timely manner. Have any musical instrument at your disposal, along with an expert to perform on it.

Stay on budget without compromising on the quality of the sound. Another advantage of our studio is that you get a unique, live studio recording at local prices. This is one of the traits that attracts musicians from around the world to collaborate with us. So far, we’ve worked with artists from China, USA, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, France, Spain, Finland, Israel, Greece, and Spain.