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The first notes were played and recorded in R88 Studio in 2012. It all started with Ana-Marija Srejić’s vision of a “boutique” recording studio, the one that offers personalized attention to every artist that walks through its doors.


What gives our studio the cutting edge is Ana-Marija herself. Having degrees in both music (piano performance) and audio engineering, she easily orchestrates both- the artistic and technical side of the job, which is a rare combo in this industry.

Custom approach is at the core of R88 Studio’s working style. As every artist and project is unique, we know that flexibility is the key. We are perceptive and quickly sense what each musician needs, whether it’s sharing an objective insight, keeping the focus, or recognizing when it’s time for a break. Ana-Marija gathered a team of musicians, engineers, and composers who make sure they’re on the same page with the composer, all while keeping the creativity flowing.

Remote recording is always an option if you’re not able to join the team in person. Our team will do the recording, editing, mixing, and mastering your music without you ever leaving your home. This has led to many successful collaborations with musicians from all over the world.

Over the years, R88 Studio has hosted many well-known Serbian and international musicians, teaming up with artists from the USA, China, Israel, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, France, and Greece.